How To Dance Like Michael Jackson: A Beginner's Guide

Nobody can deny the fact that Michael Jackson is one of the greatest icons in the world of dance. Today, even after his death, millions of people still want to learn Michael Jackson's dance moves. As a major star of the 80s, Jackson developed some amazing dance moves, such as the moonwalk and the robotic dance, which set the world on fire.

Learn Michael Jackson's Dance Moves

The most essential part of learning Michael Jackson's dance moves is to make sure that you keep the moves strong and sharp. Although many of his dance moves might look quite intricate, they are in fact fairly simple.

When you are learning the moves and steps, don't forget to add Michael Jackson's signature style to the moves. The best way to absorb his style is by watching video clips from all the different phases of his career, including his super hit dance moves in videos such as Thriller, Smooth Criminal and the live performances of Billie Jean. If you can learn his signature style, learning his dance steps and moves will be nothing more than a breeze.

How to Dance like Michael Jackson

Here are some tips to help you learn how to dance like Michael Jackson:

* You don't need to be a professional to learn Michael Jackson's dance moves. Watch Michael Jackson's music videos and pick out a few steps you really like. Then practice them till you are proficient in them. If need be, play the dance videos in slow motion to capture the exact moves and steps.

* Perform Michael Jackson's dance moves in front of someone who is a Michael Jackson enthusiast, so that he can tell you exactly where you are going wrong in your steps.

* Know that, for learning a complete Michael Jackson dance routine you may need some professional help from a dance trainer. This might prove to be a great learning experience, while providing you a lot of useful exercise.

* Check out dance instructors who are proficient in modern dance. Try out modern dance classes, hip hop dance groups and break dancing groups, as they will help increase your body's flexibility and also help you get closer to your goal of learning Michael Jackson's dance moves.

* Look for online dance lessons specializing in Jackson's dance moves and steps. Look out for instructional videos of various moves of Michael Jackson, such as the moonwalk and the slideglide.

If you are a die-hard fan of Michael Jackson's dance steps and moves and are looking for the most amazing tutorials to help you learn how to dance like Michael Jackson, look no further than Anthony King is one of the most proficient dance instructors, who has coached and choreographed a number of successful dancers and celebrities and has also appeared on a number of dance shows.


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